Saturday, May 1, 2010

Studio Blog: "Wonderful Lie"

I had an idea for a transition, and I shared it with Mark at the top of the session yesterday, so we started on "Wonderful Lie," a newer song about stuff that happened a year-and-a-half ago. Some subjects just stay with you, which is fine, as long as they stay catchy.

"Lie" is probably my favorite of the new batch -- it has a nice pop hook, and seamless transitions leading from the end of the chorus into the beginning of the verse and bridge. From 8 bars in, you're always in the song -- no down time -- which is very appropriate for the situation of the lyric.

This time, the band comes in right from the start -- Mark and I put together acoustic, scratch vocals, drums and bass all in one day, and while we still have a few little ornaments planned, we're not hearing a whole lot more here. It's a very full sound!

Mark on drums is still my favorite thing ever. He leans in, closes his eyes, occasionally looking up to see if I'm in it, then we talk about sections that he or I am unsure about, then he goes back into it. It's like no process I've ever been through -- no matter what suggestion I make, he performs it perfectly, and we evaluate the ideas objectively. It's a 50-50 split on who's right, so far, and each and every time the acquiescence is smooth and unadorned, because it's time to move on. So rad.

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