Friday, February 26, 2010

Reflections on doing sound.

Having now done sound at a club for four months (half of that time doing it 6 nights a week), I have a new mission in life:

I want to call every sound engineer I've ever had and apologize.

Then, I want to make a series of resolutions for how I will deal with all sound engineers and open mic hosts in the future.

I will always memorize the two people before me, so I won't ever have to ask the sound engineer/host when I'm up.

I will research the club's backline before any and every show I do.

I will promote. Promote. Promote.

I will tip my sound engineer (please don't judge me for not knowing that was a 'thing.')

I will leave my sound engineer alone when he is DOING EFFING SOUND.

I will listen closely to my sound engineer's questions and instructions, to ensure a smooth production from the gate.

I will let my sound engineer judge the levels in the room for himself.

I will never scold an engineer again for any of the following:
  • Stray feedback
  • Loss of sound onstage resultant of own faulty equipment
  • Not paying rapt attention to my set
  • Too much bass in my monitor
  • Too much treble in my monitor

I will NEVER say the following:

  • "Can you make sure my vocals get heard above the mix?"
  • "So, a little bit about the band you're about to hear: We are a [name three disparate genres that do not describe our act]."
  • "It's very important that [ANYTHING.]"
  • "Why is there nobody here?"
  • "I have played at B.B. King's twice. Have you done sound at B.B. King's twice?" [TRUE STORY. Someone said that to me.]
  • "Audience: What do you think of our sound? Want anything turned up? Down? Just ask the guy in the back."

Seriously, soundpeople -- I am so, so sorry. I must be better. I will be better.

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